Get Peace of Mind with LoJack® Go

Keep your vehicle safe and connected with LoJack Go, the nation’s #1 stolen vehicle recovery and connected car solution.

Always Know Your Vehicle Location

Your car, truck, or SUV is one of your biggest financial investments. With LoJack Go’s location services, you’ll always know where your vehicle is — even if you’re not driving it!

Stay Informed with Smart Alerts

Real-time vehicle notifications, such as speeding and low battery ensure that your vehicle is being driven safely and will start when you need it most.

Custom Geofences Keep You Notified

Draw geofences around key locations, including school and work, so you can be notified that drivers have made it safely to their destinations.

Protect and Connect Your Vehicle

Maintain and Keep Track of Your Vehicle from the Palm of Your Hand

  • LJG-ProtectAssets

    Recover a Stolen Vehicle

    Find your car nationwide, then work with law enforcement to recover it quickly.

  • LJG-VehicleLocation

    Find Your Vehicle

    See exactly where your vehicle is 24/7, no matter who is driving.

  • LJG-TripHistory

    View Trip History

    Understand where your car has been including route, date, time of day, and length of trip.

  • LJG-SmartAlerts

    Get Smart Alerts

    Receive notifications for speeding and low battery to ensure your car is driven safely and won’t leave you stranded.

  • LJG-CreateGeoFence

    Create Geofences

    Set boundaries around places like work and school and get notified when your vehicle enters or exits the area.


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