• Earn More with LoJack and Solera Auto Finance

A better way to buy a car. Include LoJack and Solera Auto Finance can finance up to $699 in the contract*.

Make. Save. Retain.

  • Make incremental F&I profit with LoJack’s as a non-cancellable, hard-add
  • Save time and deals with digital lot management and a technology enabled sales process
  • Retain customers with LoJack’s MyDealer consumer app

Add customer value while protecting your business. With real-time visibility and rich data insights, LoJack provides more than just theft protection.

*Solera Auto Finance considers LoJack a preferred product and can accommodate an ancillary product add up to $699 selling price in most cases for qualified customers.

Start maximizing profit with LoJack + Solera Auto Finance today!


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