Vehicle Theft Isn’t Taking A Break During COVID, And Neither Are We

  • July 1, 2020
  • Steve Manzi

There are a variety of reasons for a vehicle to be stolen, and some scenarios are preventable while others are not. For instance, drivers can double-check that their doors are locked or park in well-lit spaces. But if a thief wants to take your vehicle, there’s little stopping them from doing so – even during a global pandemic. However, the good news is that the story does not end there. Your vehicle can be stolen, but it can also be recovered with the LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) System, which is directly integrated with local law enforcement. This technology and our telematics-based connected car app can help increase the chances of law enforcement recovering your vehicle.

While car theft may have increased during COVID-19, LoJack’s recent U.S. Recoveries Trends report shows that stolen vehicle recoveries increased across certain states, including California, Colorado, and Washington, by as much as 35 percent in May. The rise of recoveries started in April and continues to increase, demonstrating that while car theft continues, more and more people are protecting their vehicles.

At LoJack, we know a stolen vehicle in itself is a stressful situation, let alone during a pandemic. Stories like the nurse in Boston who had her car stolen in April from her driveway while between shifts at the local hospital, break our heart. There is enough stress to deal with in today’s uncertain environment, and having your car stolen is the last thing you should be dealing with.

So, how do you protect your car? Some vehicles come equipped with LoJack SVR technology right from the dealership, and LoJack’s telematics-based technology is available for consumers and dealers nationwide. The SureDrive connected car app offers features like CrashBoxx instant crash alerts, Tripwire Early Warning which is designed to alert you if your car is moved or the Where’s My Car feature to help you locate your vehicle, similar to Find My iPhone- but for your vehicle.

As the country starts the process of re-opening we’re proud to continue to partner with local law enforcement to help bring peace of mind to communities.

We know thieves are not taking a break during COVID-19, but neither is LoJack.

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